Door to Door Service:  ShippingMyGoods.Com offers door to door moving services to over 150 countries worldwide.  We have built an international network consisting of only the most reputable and certified agents in order to make sure that we do everything our power to secure that your goods arrive unblemished to their final destination overseas.  Our agents will guide you through the customs clearance and door delivery process to assure that your shipment arrives to your home smoothly without any complications.

Door to Port Service:  ShippingMyGoods.Com offers door to port service to over 400 cities worldwide.  Please note that in addition to shipping to every major port, we also provide direct services to many inland cities and terminals in every continent.

“Port to Port” and “Port to Door” Services:  ShippingMyGoods.Com allows self-packing customers the option to drop off their goods directly at one of our many CFS’s (Consolidated Freight Stations) throughout the United States.  We strategically have receiving terminals in almost every major American city which allows our customers to save on their shipping costs if they choose to drop off their goods themselves.  

Packing Services and Options: offers a variety of packing options that range from a full white glove service where you won’t be required to lift a finger to self-packing or partial-packing options that will save you on the cost of your move.   Depending on what you are shipping, you will be able to choose from several different packing selections.  We can also send one of our movers to personally walk with you and look at your items to ensure that we select the best option for you.

We can offer a full packing service where we would send a team of moving experts to ensure that all of your items have been appropriately protected and secured.   In a full packing move, our moving professionals will be packing all of your boxes and furniture items.  For Full Container Loads (FCL) we will also professionally load and secure all of your items onto the container.  We will also be doing an inventory list of all of your items for customs and insurance purposes. If shipping a vehicle, this will also include our movers professionally loading, blocking and bracing inside the container.

We also provide our customers with a partial packing option where we can just pack your furniture items while providing you with the flexibility to pack the boxes yourself.   This can reduce your packing costs while still assuring that we will professionally pack all of the fragile and difficult items. Please feel free to ask us about of all of the different packing options for your shipment.

ShippingMyGoods.Com allows customers that are only shipping boxes, suitcases or plastic bins to pack all of their goods themselves.  We would send you a blank inventory list and advise you how to inventory the contents of your boxes.  This option enables customers sending small shipments to save considerable costs on their move.

We have the ability to custom crate and specific items that you wish to ship overseas.  We recommend tha you speak with one of our shipping specialist if you have any items that need to be packed in a custom rate.   Items that we recommend that you ship inside a crate include pianos, grandfather clocks, chandeliers, valuable pictures or art and large glass items.

Insurance:  ShippingMyGoods.Com offers Land, Air and Marine insurance for your peace of mind.  Depending on what type of service you are using for your shipment, you may be eligible for either “All Risk Insurance” or “Total Loss Insurance”.  Insurance is fairly inexpensive and we would recommend that you insure your goods for the replacement value of your goods plus the cost of shipping your freight.  Please ask one of our shipping specialists for all of our insurance options.

All risk insurance is available for all customers that have either all or some of their goods professionally packed.  This insurance covers the individual loss or damage of your professionally packed items.  In order to qualify for All Risk Insurance, we will need either and inventory list from the packers or a commercial invoice with a description of the goods.  We will also provide you with an insurance form where you will need to assign a specific value for all of the professionally packed items.  If shipping a vehicle, we would need the value of your vehicle and we would complete a vehicle inspection report at the time of the pickup or drop-off.

Total Loss Insurance is available for all ocean, air and land shipments. Total loss insurance covers you if the entire shipment is lost or damaged but will not insure you for partial loss or damage.  In order to insure for total loss insurance you will need to assign a lump sum value for your goods on the insurance form.

At ShippingMyGoods.Com, our mission is to go above and beyond for every customer in order to provide you with the best shipping solution that caters to your specific shipping needs.